Multi-tiered, agile and flexible solutions.


Metal Line Group offers a unique, holistic, end-to-end logistics, providing customers with comprehensive solutions that include multi-tiered, agile and flexible options. Our services include smart trucking; bulk rail; bulk handling; containerisation; customs clearing and shipping.

Transport, logistics & cargo management

As your service provider, Metal Line Group offers the following features and benefits:

Multi-tiered transport solutions
Exclusive concept-based trucking
Pioneering innovative solutions
Bulk rail
Risk and moisture management
Smart logistics planning and multiple route options mitigating the impact of seasonal and other external influences.
A diverse in-house fleet consisting of short and long-haul tipper trucks, tipper tankers and flat decks
Stock control and photographic reporting
Operational facilities
Metal Line Group has several secure, high volume storage facilities, conveniently located to minimise risk and maximise efficiency.


  • Holding capacity up to 50 000 tonnes
  • Newly surfaced holding area
  • 24-hour security and monitoring
  • Weigh bridge
  • State of the art management software
  • On-site accredited sampling agent


  • Quayside storage
  • Holding capacity up to 40 000mt
  • ISO9000 rated
  • 24-hour security and monitoring
  • State of the art management software
  • On-site accredited sampling agent


  • Quayside storage
  • Holding capacity up to 50 000mt
  • 24-hour security and monitoring
  • On-site accredited sampling agent
Freight forwarding, clearing and stevedore

Metal Line Group have established partnerships with top tier, reputable agents to encompass the C&F function into our supply chain offering.

Experienced Stevedore’s, who are well entrenched portside, extend a specialized service complementing our quayside operations rendering an efficient and reliable loading function.